Your website... YOUR home online

Get the best website for your business and your budget.

It’s quick, affordable and easy to make your online dreams come true.


Start small, your site will grow with your business.

From just $250 / R2000  you can have your own Wondrous Website.

Why do YOU need a Website?

Dont get left behind

  • Everything and everyone is online these days and you will get left behind without one.  People expect to find you online.
  • Let people know you exist and provide a place for them to discover you.

Showcase Your Talent

  • A place to demonstrate your expertise and show off your unique skills.

  • Share your qualifications and accomplishments.
  • It’s a brochure for your products or services that’s easily updated to change your prices, information and products 

Be independent online

  • Your website is your presence online, your digital business card.
  • You dont need permission from anyone, its your site and you can do what you like with it.
  • Its your real estate online, you own your website.  

  • More affordable than advertising.

Be Yourself

  • Show your personality and stand out from the crowd.  Now you can connect with your tribe  who get you and appreciate your unique perspective.

  • People buy from or employ those they know, like and trust.  Your website is the perfect place to show who you are and let your clients get to know you.

The World is Yours

  •  Put your business in front of the whole world or your specific niche.

  • You can go global or stay local, there are no limits.

  • Your business is never closed.  You can earn while you sleep or are on holiday. 

  • Video, audio or visual whatever appeals to your ideal clients.


  • A website creates legitimacy and credibility through social proof and testimonials.

  • Easily offer support to your clients.

  • Engage with your fans and build your list.

  • Display your partners logos and link to them. 

Choose the perfect plan

The wonderful thing about having a website is that it can be tailor made for your exact needs.  Whether you are just starting out online or you need a complex shopping and payment site, you can have everything you need for a thriving online business.

1 Page

$250 / R 2000

Easy peasy – a simple site  with the basics to get seen online.  Your site can grow as your business grows. 

3 Page

$350 / R 3500

Get more flexibility and share more information and images.  Connect with your ideal clients and consumers.

5 Page

$450 / R 4500

All the bells and whistles  to showcase your business.  Provide value and connect with your blog.


Get free images Every Month

Get a free image every month to use as you please on social media, blog posts, marketing or anything digital.